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Multi Color Beads and Gold Rainbow Earrings
3 Circle Gold and Silver Necklace
Tri Colored Metal Bracelet
Confetti Seed Bead Earrings
White and Gold Bead Pendant Necklace
White and Multi-Colored Beaded Bracelet - 4 Strand
Shades of Purple Beads and Gold Rainbow Earrings
Pink and Gold Bead Pendant Necklace
3 bracelets on a bracelet pillow. Top and bottom bracelet have pastel colored beads. The middle bracelet has round, gold beads.
Gray Bangle Bracelet - Set of 3
Spotted Stone Pendant Necklace
Silver and Gold Cross Bracelet
Hammered Gold & Silver Earrings
Green and Gold Bead Pendant Necklace
Beaded Cross BraceletBeaded Cross Bracelet
Beaded Cross Bracelet Sale price$13.00
Gold and Gray Half Moon Pendant Necklace
White Teardrop Floral Seed Bead Earrings
Multicolored Beaded Bracelet Stack
Hammered Gold & Silver Earrings
Square Gold Necklace
Square Gold Necklace Sale price$18.00
Clay Leopard Earrings
Clay Leopard Earrings Sale price$17.00
Spotted Bead Necklace w/Gold Chain
Light Gray Clay Earrings
Light Gray Clay Earrings Sale price$15.00
White Bangle Bracelet - Set of 3
Gold and Dusty Blue Circle Necklace
#1 Purple and Gold Seed Bead Earrings
Gold and White Blue Circle Necklace
Charcoal & Gold Metal Bangle Bracelet
Purple and Gold SocksPurple and Gold Socks
Purple and Gold Socks Sale price$6.00
Multicolored Beaded Cross BraceletMulticolored Beaded Cross Bracelet
Wine & Gold Metal Bangle Bracelet
Brown & Gold Metal Bangle Bracelet
Gold Sparkle Hoop Earrings
Wooden Bead Gold Chain Necklace
Purple and Gold Beaded Fish Hook Earrings
Gold & Silver Earrings
Gold & Silver Earrings Sale price$15.00
Gold & Marble Bracelet
Gold & Marble Bracelet Sale price$14.00
Crossbody WalletCrossbody Wallet
Crossbody Wallet Sale price$27.00
Black & White Bangle Bracelet - Set of 3
Spotted Stone Gold Necklace
Small Clear Crossbody Bag - Purple
Purple and Gold Beaded Bag Strap
Clear Crossbody Bag - Purple
Black and Gold Beaded Bracelet
Cream and Gold Beaded Bracelet
Marble & Gold Bracelet
Marble & Gold Bracelet Sale price$13.00
Purple & Gold Game Day Seed Bead BraceletPurple & Gold Game Day Seed Bead Bracelet
Purple and Gold Beaded Hoop Earrings